Thursday, September 12, 2013


Everyone has heard that familiar question before....."Sure we will be able to make it to the party. What can we bring?"  Such a simple question and yet I always find myself at a loss when it comes to replying. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE when relatives bring something to our parties because lets face it, planning a party can be somewhat overwhelming. From balloons to food to decorations and so on, there are lots of things to do and usually (if you are a procrastinator like me), not a lot of time to do them.  I always feel rude when someone asks me what they can bring to a party and my response is "whatever you would like". I honestly am thankful for anything they do. So when my Aunt asked me the question before my son's party, my response was the same robotic response as always: "Whatever you would like to bring."  One thing I do know is that I am always pleasantly surprised when it comes to her, and this time was no different.  
She arrived the day of the party with these two super cute candy treats, which fit perfectly with the Mickey Mouse theme. I asked her how she made them because I couldn't pass up the opportunity to blog about them. 

First, she melted several pieces of chocolate in the microwave, being super careful that the chocolate did not burn.  Once the chocolate was completely melted and creamy, she dipped several cherries (with stem still attached) into the melted chocolate and placed each one onto a lined baking sheet.  Before the chocolate re-hardened, she gently attached a Hershey kiss sideways (see above) using the melted chocolate as "glue".  Add two almond slivers for ears and with black gel cookie icing, add the eyes and nose. Super simple and super cute!

Begin by unwrapping several Milky Way miniature candy bars and set them on a lined baking sheet.  Using a butter knife, carefully make an indention through the chocolate shell of the candy bar (this is where the bear will sit). Add one teddy bear cookie to each candy bar. Next, using some melted chocolate, place 4 drops of chocolate (two on each side) where the wheels would be. Add M&Ms as the wheels. Now your Candy Bar Cars are complete. How cute are they?  My Aunt added little flags with Mickey Mouse symbols so that they would go with the party theme. 

I got so many compliments on these at my son's party. Not only were they very cute looking on the cake table, but they tasted so good!  

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