Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"OMG" Orange Creamsicle Cake

I came across a recipe online recently, for a creamsicle cake and thought it was something different and sounded tasty. So the other day, I finally decided to try and make it for an Easter dessert.  As I followed the recipe, I noticed that the cake in no way resembled the picture and seemed as if it would end up being a big pan of mush that may or may not have ended up tasting somewhat like a creamsicle.  So after some thought, I decided to attempt to make this cake my own way. It turned out fantastic and tastes just like the creamsicles that I used to love when I was a kid! This is one of those recipes that tastes so good that it's dangerous! Luckily EVERYONE liked it and I wasn't left with much :)


*1 box yellow cake mix
*2 (3 oz.) pkgs orange flavored Jell-O
*1 (5.1 oz.) pkg vanilla instant pudding mix
*1 cup milk
*2 eggs
*2 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
*1 tub Cool Whip, thawed


The first thing that you do is bake the yellow cake as directed on the box in a 13x9 inch cake pan.  Once the cake is done, let it cool completely. I left mine cool for several hours. If you proceed before the cake is completely cooled you will end up with a mushy cake. 
Once the cake is cooled, Mix 1 package of the orange Jell-O with 1 cup of boiling water and 1 cup of cold water.  Make sure it's dissolved completely. Then poke holes into the cooled cake with a knife and pour Jell-O over top (this is the same way you make a typical Jell-O poke cake).  Once you've poured the Jell-O over the cake. Cover and refrigerate for several hours. I left mine in the fridge for like 6 hours. You want to leave it in a while so that the cake firms up after putting all that liquid into it. 

After the cake has chilled for several hours, mix pudding mix, milk, vanilla, and the other package of orange Jell-O. Using a whisk, beat the mixture for several minutes until it becomes a thick pudding mixture. Spread over top of the cake. Cover and refrigerate for another 1-2 hours.

Remove from fridge and frost with Cool Whip and decorate with orange zest!  Yummy Yummy!  Store in the refrigerator!

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